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Monday, 01 September 2008 11:00

Thank you for visiting our XHTMLSuite Joomla! 1.5 Demo Website. We have prepared different editor demos for you, available under different user names.

Please note that the images directory and the database of this Demo Website are reset every hour on the hour. You can see the time left until the next reset on the top of the page.

Please click on the appropriate link to get to the demo. Note that you may need to logout first and than login again to see the demo.

XHTMLSuite in2it Demos

Default Demo - in2itdemo1

This is the default setup of XHTMLSuite in2it Editor.

Click here, to try the XHTMLSuite in2it "Default" demo

Theme Lava Glass- in2itdemo2

This demo features the editor with Lava Glass Design Theme

Click here, to try the "Theme Lava Glass" demo

XHTMLSuite Series 1 Setup - in2itdemo3

In this example we have configured the editor to look like XHTMLSuite Series 1

Click here, to try the "No Properties Inspector" demo

Properties Inspector minimized - in2itdemo4

In this demo the editor will load with the Properties Inspector minimized

Click here, to try the "Properties Inspector minimized" demo

Fullscreen Mode - in2itdemo5

In this demo the editor will switch to fullscreen mode once the page is loaded

Click here, to try the "Fullscreen Mode" demo

Classic Toolbar (no Tabs) - in2itdemo6

This example shows the editor with a classic toolbar without tabs with the "Pearl" theme 

Click here, to try the "Classic Toolbar" demo

WYMIWYG Mode - in2itdemo7

This demo introduces the WYMIWYG Mode, where details of the document's visual layout are left in order for the user to be able to concentrate on the structure

Click here, to try the "WYMIWYG" demo

TMEdit Demo

Default Demo - TMEdit

This is the default setup of our free WYSIWYG editor TMEdit

Click here, to try the TMEdit demo



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